• Protecting muscles, joints, lower back during training and competition
  • Increased power
  • Improving your workout
  • Quick recovery after training
  • Faster injury recovery
  • Reduced fatigue in training and competition
  • Faster load adaptation
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Stretch improvement
  • The ability to quickly help with injuries
  • Tape training - new training technologies

Dokar Japanese Taping Sport

Competition Success

Training PERIOD (prepare for competition):


  1. Prevention of injuries (protective taping);
  2. Tapping injuries (the ability to train with injuries);
  3. Improving the functional state (taping of muscle fatigue);
  4. Taping to adapt to loads;
  5. Taping to increase the effectiveness of training (tape training)
  6. An opportunity to train in any conditions throughout the day;
  7. The possibility of asymmetric training;



  1. Increased performance (stimulating taping to increase strength (muscle, explosive, etc.)
  2. Reducing the effect of muscle fatigue on the outcome of a competition or match (stabilization taping)
  3. Protection of muscles and joints (protective and fixing taping)
  4. Taping can be used for athletes with injuries in order to enable them to participate in competitions



  1. Acceleration of recovery from injuries;
  2. Acceleration of recovery after muscle fatigue;
  3. Pain relief;
  4. Improved mobility;
  5. Taping to activate the regeneration process



  1. Tape training to strengthen muscles;
  2. Teip training for ligaments and tendons;
  3. Tape training to increase muscle stamina and explosive strength.

The main advantage of online taping is that an experienced specialist develops personalized instructions! Guaranteed result.

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