Members of Dokar Association


Aleksandr Proshkin, M.D. Bangkok, Thailand


CEO & Medical Director Dokar Japanese Taping International association.

Taping experience: Since 2009 (over 10 years)

Patients: over 7000

Conducted trainings: over 300

Articles: over 20

Speaker at international conferences: 12


" My acquaintance with KinesioTaping began with reading a book on KT. I read everything, but understood little. And then I began to use. But I did not have any results. And I began to use KT as an elastic tape, which are many. One of my friends invited me to a seminar on CT. That was in 2010. After going through this workshop, I learned how to do Kinesio Taping. Previously, I just did not understand what the essence and how it works. And I realized one thing: like driving a car, Kinesio Taping cannot be learned to do without an instructor. Only after that I started to see results on Kinesio Taping.

In 2015, having extensive experience in the taping, I created Dokar Association. Its goal is to search for the most simple and effective ways of taping and transfer this experience through seminars and trainings."

ANDREW MAXIMKIN, Moscow, russia


Head of Moscow Brunch Dokar Japanese Taping International association in Russia.

Taping experience: since 2015 (5 years)

Patients: over 3000

Conducted trainings: over 50


MAXIM Vorobyov, orenburg, russia


Head of Volga Brunch Dokar Japanese Taping International association in Russia.

Doctor neurologist, osteopathy, rehabilitation.

Taping experience: since 2019

Patients: over 100




Head of Samara Brunch Dokar Japanese Taping International association in Russia.

Dental Doctor.

Taping experience: since 2018

Patients: over 500