The face is the calling card of any woman. Therefore, she wants to maintain external appeal for as long as possible. But as soon as the skin begins to lose elasticity, the contours of the face inevitably begin to lose their former fit. Tapping the face and neck with lifting teips will help restore your old attractiveness and appearance.

Cosmetic taping has a lymphatic drainage effect, allows women to tighten the oval of the face and reduce the expression of facial wrinkles.


The action of lifting tapes:

  1. Wrinkle correction;

  2. Skin lifting;

  3. Lymphatic and hemodrainage;

  4. Acceleration of facial skin recovery after procedures;

  5. Microcirculation improvement;

  6. Activation of the regeneration and revitalization process;

  7. Improvements in the condition of facial muscles.

Lifting Tapes have a mechanical effect on the skin of the face, increasing or decreasing the space between the skin and muscles, creating compression or decompression. The effect of taping depends on the method of sticking tape. Tapes are glued for 30-60 minutes or at night according to the instructions.


Benefits of the Lifting Tapes:

  1. Quick result.

  2. Preservation of mobility.

  3. Easy to use.

  4. It does not cause discomfort.

  5. There are no side effects.

  6. Low cost.

  7. No need for special equipment, certification, etc.

  8. It can be combined with any other procedures, methods of treatment and rehabilitation.

  9. It can be used where conventional methods of treatment and rehabilitation are ineffective.




The best time to apply aesthetic taping at home is night. Tape will "work" while you sleep. Just stick it according to the instructions, and remove it in the morning.

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Dokar Japanese Taping Aesthetic

Facial lifting teips have been used in cosmetology relatively recently, but have already become popular among cosmetologists. Aesthetic taping has proven itself due to its effectiveness and gentle effect on delicate facial skin. Types in cosmetology have become as popular as cosmetics.

The main advantage of taping in cosmetology is the complete absence of side effects in the form of bruises, bursting vessels and bruises that appear after “beauty injections”. Taping is painless and does not require anesthesia.

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