We provide training to Dokar Taping method.


 We advise our partners on Dokar Ttaping methods for their customers.

Our activity

international association

Association members receive methodological and promotional materials, new developments and other privileges.

Development of new ways of taping.

Our experts will create new ways of taping, test them and implement successful development of the system of training and exchange of experience.

About us

International Dokar Assotiation is an organization that brings together highly qualified specialists from different countries in the field of taping, rehabilitation, orthopedics, exercise therapy, acupuncture, cosmetology.

The main activity of the company is conducting training courses on Dokar taping for specialists.

The association was founded in 2015.



In December 2019, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with TRUFIT. High-tech production TRUFIT manufactures individual orthopedic orthosis insoles (arch support) according to the most advanced world technologies.

Dokar will create protocols for taping the foot.



Dokar Japanese Taping – high-tech method of treatment, rehabilitation and improvement condition of the body and face, developed by experienced specialists from different countries.

DTS– unique combination in full completed program three ways to recovery human body:

  1. Dokar Taping – application special elastic tape according Dokar method;

  2. Dokar Gymnastic - special personalized gymnastics;

Area of using:

  1. Cosmetology – DJT-Aesthetic

  2. Orthopedic – DJT-Flex

  3. Sport – DJT-Sport

  4. Dentristy - DJT-Dental

  5. Podology - DJT Foot

  6. Tape Training

  7. Female Health

Dokar in Smolensk medical university

6 December 2019, a Dokar Taping presentation was held in Smolensk Medical University. The presentation was attended by over 200 students and teachers. The presentation was conducted by Aleksandr Proshkin. He showed basic taping techniques in dental and orthopedics.



Fighter Musa Saltayev won the international championship in the TNA fighting league.

On December 15, 2019, the TNA final battles took place in Kazan. The fighter Musa Saltayev (Russia, Grozny, the club AHMAT) became the winner. Dokar Japanese Taping was used for its preparation and battle. 

EVENTS Dokar Japanese Taping in 2020.


On January  25-26, 2020, Beauty Seminar was held in Moscow. Speaker - Andew Maximkin - Head of the Moscow region of the Dokar Association.


February 1 - a set of lifting tapes for self-care for a face is presented in Russia.

February 15 and 16 - Dokar Japanese Taping Dental workshops for dentists in Moscow.

February 19 and 20 - orthopedics trainings in Moscow.

February 22 - presentation of lifting tapes in Beauty Class Clinic in Moscow

February 22-23 - Dokar Japanese Taping Flex (orthopedics) Seminarin Moscow.


We started holding open conferences on Instagram @dokartaping, @kinesio_moscow every week

April 20- May 02 - First online course Dokar Taping Dental